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Cool Dice and White Boards!

Check out our new manipulatives section.  We have found the best deals for dice and for whiteboards. For consumer convenience, all orders are processed through Amazon.  This makes shipping fees lower and turn around time way faster!  This section will be constantly updated, as new deals are found and as deals end.  Hit the shop now!



Welcome to our new website.  We are excited to continue to deliver a teacher friendly website to engage you and your students.  Unfortunately during the site migration, some content was lost.  At this time, we do not have answer keys for our resources.  However, resources are currently being updated with the answer keys built in.  Thanks so much for your patience on this.  If there is a question that you need help with, shoot us an email and we can help you out.































Check out the best deals we can find for dice, whiteboards and other great stuff for your classroom.  Order early as quantities are limited.  Deals can also end at any given time.  Contact us to source out resources for you.  We likely can connect with a vendor for the best cost possible.


We have lots of downloads now on Teacher Pay Teachers.  So many of them are free!  Please leave a rating and follow us.  Need a quick idea?  Send us an email as likely we will have something on hand for you.  Happy downloading.

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