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Bringing Math Alive!


The program that started it all!

What is it? - Bringing Math Alive is a supplementary math program that includes lessons plans, games, BLMs, differentiated worksheets, math projects and assessments.

How is it broken down? - One book covers one strand in the curriculum.  When you click on your specific grade, you can see the books available at your grade level.  Each book contains anywhere between 9-21 lessons plans.  Each lesson is broken into a step-by-step process for delivery, then a choice of at least 2 mover & shaker activities (games), followed by a choice of 2-4 differentiated worksheets.

What else is in my book?  - We also included:  PAT reviews and practice, assessments, math journal notes, MAD Math Projects, word walls and quizzes.

How can I see a lesson?  - Click on your grade level above.  You will see the books available and be able to try out a lesson.  If you like what you try and want more, you can order through our website.  Simply click on the order tab and fill in an order form.  Email the form back to us and you will receive your resources electronically.