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We are a small company created by two caring teachers located in Lethbridge, AB.  We create resources to share with colleagues. We began our adventure together developing hands-on math programs for our students.  

Our resources are easy-to-use, engaging for your students and hands-on.


It's only Lenee & Darcie steering this boat, so please allow for orders and payments to be processed within a 1-3 week window.



Lenee is an administrator with Lethbridge School Division.  

She brings 20 years of teaching experiences, teaching Grades 1-12 throughout her career.  

Lenee got passionate about differentiated instruction when she was teaching Grade 7 Math in Taber, AB.  Students were not engaged in learning so she switched out the textbook and brought in fun activities.  This is how Bringing Math Alive began,

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Darcie  is an FNMI Advisor with Holy Spirit School Division.  She supports FNMI students at St. Francis Junior High through academic support and connecting with families.

Darcie brings experience teaching Grades 3-12 throughout Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan,.

Darcie's experiences with FNMI culture and programming, plus project based learning ensure that our resources are inclusive and concept-based.

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