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We are a small company created by two caring teachers located in Lethbridge, AB.  We create resources to share with colleagues. It's only Lenee & Darcie steering this boat, so please allow for orders and payments to process through a 2-4 week window.  We hope to do it sooner, but it's not always possible.


We carry various manipulatives to use in the classroom. We do not carry a huge inventory, so please allow 4-6 weeks to allow us to order from our distributor, and then to send out to you.

We also ask for PO orders, you allow 2-4 weeks for delivery as sometimes we do not receive the PO immediately from your school or from your school district.


For school credit cards, we will process the cards first and then email the files within 3-5 days.

For personal orders paying via email transfer or personal credit card, please allow payment to process and then the order will be sent digitally within 3-5 days.  Please note that school accounts will often filter out the files.  Having an alternate email is helpful.